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Pippa goes to the Arms Fair

Arms Fair in Cardiff  so she just popped in to say hello like any protester might - I don't think - and wasn't stopped? RThen she stayed for an hour. 
This is the Bartolotti who admitted doing business with Thales  She couldn't take any action inside camera showed up...

I hung around for an hour, but no camera showed up."

Her story Pippa Bartolotti came to support protesters and then went inside “to see for myself” what was being sold. She came out saying she spoke to around 12 businesses exhibiting, including firms selling tents and optic technology. Addressing protesters outside she told them she asked companies if their technology, including tents, could keep people safe and they had told her it could.

'An open mind'

“They are right to protest against the arms trade but I came here with an open mind today. “Strategies for the future will need to be about dealing with the fall out from conflict,” she said. “We have wonderful engineers and logistics and we want to put that to saving people and creating peace. “All this could be used to contribute to humane resolution of conflict, if there was a market.”
On Pippa Bartolotti facebook page 
Melanie Morris

Can i ask why you attended the arms fair ? Shouldnt you of been protesting outside ?, or would that not line your pockets . In case you havnt noticed , war is not green.

Pippa Bartolotti - Newport West and SE Wales Regional list candidate 2016I went along to support the protestors, and noticed I might just be able to get in and make an action, so I gatecrashed.
Melanie Morris Did you make an action once inside ? That would of made interesting footage . Id like to know i can still vote green. More vegans in the green party also please .
Pippa Bartolotti - Newport West and SE Wales Regional list candidate 2016I accosted a BBC cameraman, and told him of my intentions. He was completely uninterested. I looked around for an exhibition which would pictorially represent what we loathe, and was quite surprised to find none. Most of it was software. I found some uniforms, but the camera had disappeared. Pointless making an action without it being recorded. I hung around for an hour, but no camera showed up. I was actually going to do one earlier on the steps as I had no idea I would get in, but not even the protesters had cameras to the ready. Lessons learned. I'll bring someone with a camera next time. You'll be please to know that meat eating is on the decline big time in the WGP.
Melanie Morris Thaks for telling me you version of events . My local MP told me he was ' too lazy ' on fb , to be vegan , obvious really scince he didnt quite find the energy to reply until i'd asked him 4 times . This is the only issue that is going to get you more support in my opinion . Animals may not have the vote , but they have me , & many other vegans voting for them. Live exsports is one very urgent cause that needs addresing . Thanks .

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Bartolotti admits sales to Thales arms dealers

Bartolotti Answer to the Thales question given on 3rd July 2012 to Anne

The world is not a perfect place, and we have to work with reality, not some
precious fantasy that there even exists a squeaky clean world. Toucan design
man-machine interfaces - the main business was in catering and hospital
equipment. Keeping good quality jobs in the valleys community of Abertillery
was something I was proud to do. In my time the company made one replacement
keyboard for Thales. You might think it would have been better to let a
nuclear establishment carry on with faulty equipment, but as Toucan was the
only company with the expertise to do the job, we erred on the side of
safety. Yes, between a rock and a hard place - but life is full of hard
decisions and no time to prevaricate. Would we have been right to allow
unsafe equipment in a reactor environment ?
Of course not.

Answer to Encrypta question (can’t find the original answer)

I worked for Encrypta Electronics, which was set up in the recession of
1984. It was a Newport –based company which employed 25 people, had a profit
sharing scheme and a turnover of about £2M. The business manufactured and
sold electronic devices which were to be fitted to the backs of lorries for
the avoidance of ‘shrinkage’(stuff falling off the backs of lorries).
Customers were Marks and Spencer, Mothercare and similar. 

Over time we brought out a miniaturised version which was used on ballot
boxes in Spain. A request from AWRE to the sales dept resulted in them
having one of these on trial. It did not stand up to the conditions
(whatever they were) . The story ended there, and I left the company soon

Just had the Guardian on the phone. They have received an email about me
running a 10 year old car – a jag under 2 litres with current market value
of £1995 – £2450

Answer to the car question given to Anne on 3rd July 

A sturdy British made car, proudly supporting British jobs. At 10 years old
it is a bit battered but still going strong. I consulted with Friends of the
Earth some 3 years ago about changing the car. They told me it was far more
environmentally astute to keep the old ones going. The cost to the
environment of trashing, recycling and building anew far exceeded the cost
of keeping the old ones going. I also have a bicycle and a pair of feet. I
would have an electric car if 1) I could afford it, 2) if there were
charging points all over the country, 3) if the electricity supply did not
come largely from dirty coal. 

I do just over 1000 miles a year. I could put the car in the name of another
person, sell it tomorrow, groom myself for a Greener ‘ image’, but I am not
a hypocrite. Many Greens and, importantly, would be Greens have all these
problems, and I relate. The impression that to be green means you have to
wear a hair shirt and live a life of unparalleled frugality puts people off,
and I want to change that. 

Hope this helps,


Pippa Bartolotti
07981 717757 
Leader, Wales Green Partygreen_party_petals email



Thales pavilion at Farnborough International 2012
Thales is the world's 11th largest arms producer, with military products comprising 49% of its 2012 sales. Its arms sectors can be summarised as "Electronics, Military vehicles, Missiles, Small arms/ammunition" (SIPRI).
This is shorthand for a vast array of equipment from radars, sonars and electronic surveillance satellites, to tactical communication systems and combat management systems, to UAVs (drones) and helicopter avionics, to armoured vehicles, mortar systems and missiles. (Thales presentation and Thales website)

Thales offers a complete range of weapon systems and munitions, including mortar systems, rocket systems for helicopters, precision-guided munitions and munitronics.
 Thales website

Structure and locations

Response from Wales Green council member Chris Simpson
You have been castigating Pippa over her choice of car - but what about the rest of us. You do not seem to have noticed that my car has a 2.7litre engine - the car and its engine are both larger than Pippa's car. I can tell you that I keep careful records of the fuel used, and over 31,000 miles, the fuel consumption of my car is 39.15mpg. Five years ago I had a similar Audi A6, but it had an automatic gear box. Over 19,000 miles, I only managed 33.9mpg. When I changed that car, I switched back to a manual gearbox and had a 20% improvement in the mpg figure. You may well say I should buy a small car and I would get even better mileage. I suggest that as you do not drive and you know very little about cars, you should not rush to judge people until you know how they use their cars! Most of my journeys are long journeys - I rarely use it in Aberystwyth - instead I use the bus several times a week for travel within Aberystwyth. Today, as I often do on a
Sunday, I went out hill-walking. There were five adults in the car along with five rucksacks and five pairs of boots. If I had a smaller car, we would have had to have two cars, with three in one car and two in the other. The combined fuel consumption of the two cars would have been more than with one Audi A6. Perhaps you think I should not go hill-walking at all as the fossil fuel use is too high. The point I am trying to make is that all of us in the Green Party believe in the PfSS policies; but we accept that they cannot all be put into effect now in 2012. For a variety of personal reasons, many of us continue to rely on cars - but that does not mean we cannot be members of the Green Party, nor that we should not take active roles in helping to run the party and bring PfSS policies into effect.
Chris Simpson

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Bartolottis CV 2009

No Mention of the environment

Pippa has run successful businesses ranging from fashion design to electronics. At 55, she decided to stop working for money. She now dedicates her life to promoting understanding and mutual respect between peoples. She is writing her fourth book, and lives in Wales with her family and a Tibetan monk.

Bartolotti claimed to be an organisation called coexist


Previous to joining the green party she was travelling the world  
- Cuba – Cape town – India

Bartolotti claimed to be an organisation called coexist

When she first joined she claimed to be an activist with Friends of the 
Earth  but it turned out that she had a relationship with a FOE 

Series 25 Episode 47

Come Dine with me
It's day two in Newport and Pippa Bartolotti works her magic with an 'upcycling' dinner party, including lettuce suop and fortune-telling with bones

Bartolotti CV 2010 False Claims
 I currently work with COEXIST and am a member of the Global Justice Movement, 
the ministry for peace, the Wales Peace Institute, the Green Party and a I am 
a speaker for Amnesty International.

COEXIST was just her blog
The ministry for peace?
Wales Peace Institute doesn’t exist

PB's statement for the Green Party election 2012 contained:
"I then started Encrypta Electronics (employing 25 people and sub 
contracting to AB Electronics among other local businesses) and 
moved to South Wales with my young family.'

Yet it was Mark Hayward and his father who founded the two electronics companies, Encrypta (1985) and Enigma (1986)
According to Companies House website PB was not in Encrypta's start-up, but joined both companies in 1992, as director/manager of Encrypta and as company secretary of Enigma. The accounts show that in the time she was manager of Encrypta (till June '97) no accounts were filed. Also, up to Enigma's dissolution in 2003, she filed accounts only in two years (2001, 2002).

Encrypta went bankrupt in 2003, closing with £147k owed to creditors. Encrypta had sold a 50% interest to a subsidiary of the Malaysian company Abric Berhad in 1999 (for £363k), with Philippa Jane Bartolotti-Hayward named as beneficiary*.

Bartolotti CV False Claims
By 1991 I had managed two of my own
companies, made the shift into electronics,
become CEO of Encrypta Electronics, and
moved down to Wales from where my own
children could experience the joys of a country
Directorships of other companies followed

PB's company record shows she also joined Toucan Systems (manufacturing 'other electrical equipment') as Director for 2 years, from 2001-2003. No accounts were filed in that period. Since the 2003 clear-out of the boardroom, Toucan has traded successfully and filed regular accounts.
As she states, PB was employed part-time from 1997 by the WDA and then the Welsh Government, working within the South East Wales Business Services team.  Her ‘disillusion’ leading to her taking ‘early retirement’ appeared to coincide with the 2003 closure of the electronics companies and her ejection from Toucan's board (Mark Hayward also quit as president). Her break-up with Mark Hayward may have played a role. Mark moved to Sales and Marketing Director of Unisto Electronic Seals (parent company Unisto Switzerland), apparently taking with him Simon Fiera (Technical Director) and Encrypta's patents for electronic security seals. PB would have got some financial settlement.

December 8, 2011
Anti-Semitic  comments?

Paul Flynn and Pippa Bartolotti forced to apologise

The Green Party apologised for remarks about Jewish diplomats 
in Israel made by Pippa Bartolotti, deputy leader of the 
Greens in Wales.

'Dual loyalty' row MP is forced to say sorry
By Martin Bright, December 8, 2011

Pippa Bartolottis Racist comments?

Racist comments?

“When she [Pippa] was arrested during the “flytilla” demonstration against Israel’s blockade of Gaza, she questioned Mr Gould’s [the UK Ambassador to Israel] independence and objected to being represented by a member of the UK diplomatic staff with a Jewish name.
“She told this paper last December: “I questioned the wisdom of having a Jewish Zionist ambassador in Israel and stated that their loyalty was a matter for the FCO to investigate.”
“She added: “The vice -consul was called Levi. From the university of life I have learned that Jews often have a conflict of interest in matters relating to Palestine.””

Bartolottis CV Not strictly true

“In July 2011, whilst attempting to enter Bethlehem and visit Palestinians
 living on the West Bank, I was arrested by Israeli security and
 imprisoned in Givon jail, Ramla.”

She was given special treatment on the Palestine-aid mission, when all were arrested at BenGurion airport  PB alone out of 40 activists was ushered through the passport control for Israeli citizens by security agents; hence questions about her possessing an Israeli passport, which she has denied

Green party of England and Wales leadership battle
July 2012

Although only a member since 2010 Bartoltti thought she could be leader of  the Eng&Wales green party!!

 The first to declare, Wales Green 
Party speaker Pippa Bartolotti, 
is surely not among them. 
Pippa, whose background 
is in business ‘sustainability’,
 is of the ‘neither left nor 
right but forward’ camp 
(and uses the phrase 
on her website). 
Once a more widely held 
position, the phrase no 
longer really chimes 
with the mood of a 
party more and more made up
of people specifically looking
for a left alternative. Plus it
sounds rather silly. With turns
of phrase like “the government
 has to stop pimping the planet
 and it has to stop pimping the
 people” (at the London hustings)
and a grasp of media strategy
 that led her to proclaim
“I annoy journalists all the time”
 as some kind of virtue,
 Pippa has something of
the Jenny Jones about her. 

'Members' on Pippa Bartolotti

Phil Anderson I know Pippa well, she lives half a mile away and back in the

day...well in 2012...we stood for council together. We have fallen out since 

then: self possession 9/10...political sense 1/10.....

Andy Chyba Pippa attracts a lot of colourful adjectives. I tend to agree with

all the comments above from both Anne and Phil. 'Self-aggrandising' is one of

 my personal favourite descriptors for her. She has worked hard to this end

 and is leading the Green Party in Wales to oblivion. Sadly, some would say

 shamefully, I failed to depose her and I have conceded defeat. The one 

thing I learned from my time with Wales Green Party is that all political 

parties are fundamentally conceited and arrogant institutions, even if this is 

not true of everyone within them. By shunning them, I can spend my time 

with nicer people and focus my time on particular causes.

Lynton J North You repeated inability to understand the difference between

supporting the palestinians against the racist apartheid state of Israel and 

anti-semitism is disgustingPippa Bartolotti.

 Gilad Atzmon is a vile holocaust denier and does no credit to you or 

solidarity with the oppresed. Im a life long anti-racist 

#antizionism NOT #antisemitism.

Lynton J North To answer your specific point - Pippa often conflates Zionist

with Jewish. Just this week (same day as she posted link to holocaust 

denier) she made this same point in reference to something about South 

America. When corrected she doesn't apologize or see the point. She 

continues. In criticising the appointment of an ambassador to Israel because 

he was jewish, she was being racist. See above link to Adam Ramsay's 

piece. Bartolotti has a long record of saying and publishing crass and 

reactionary statements. It is not simply that she doesn't properly apologize,

 it is even worse that she does not learn. That so many Green Party

 members are unwilling to put anti-racism above cheer-leading for the party 

is extremely worrying. That someone so inept and naive is the leader of a 

national political party is still in post is utterly amazing to me. How can you 

ever hope to be taken seriously? Just one more example of her political 

and/or moral failure can be found over the last week in her support from 

George Galloway; rape apologist & supporter of Assad.